Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Zen 16

I had a few problems with the movie "300." I won't go into each of these points in detail, or bore you with any of them except one: There was no butter in that movie.

I happen to know, as a fact (because my high school history teacher told me this was true) that the real Spartans would, as a part of their preparation for battle, cover themselves in rancid butter. They did this for a few reasons. First, the smell is repulsive. Instead of an opponent thinking to himeself: "Grunt, huff, grrr...this guy's gonna die...that stupid Spartan! Charge!" he would be thinking to himself "Grunt, grr...huff! Huff? Sniff! Gross...something smells BAD! It must be that Spartan who looks like he's about to chop my head offfffff....." THud! And the opponent's head is gone! One for the team! and all because of the butter.

Second, rancid butter is slippery.

Tomorrow: other things you didn't know about butter.

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