Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Zen 11

I realized this morning that I have lived in the Los Angeles Area now for almost two and a half years.
In that time I have:
Had three wonderful roommates
been adopted by an amazing church
made friends
lost some friends
made new friends
lived on one couch for three weeks
moved into two different apartments
completely altered my tastes in music
started doing yoga
had three different jobs
been unemployed
been a raw vegan
craved meat again
learned to roast coffee
had my picture taken in front of the Taj Mahal
pretended to jump off a cliff in Ireland
been to a Chinese wedding banquet
learned how to do voice overs
read 33 books
and learned that I've always spelled the word "weird" wrong (whatever happened to I before E?)

There are very few things that have remained constant since I moved here. I still go to the same church on Sundays, I still have the same car (though it's considerably dented now), I have the same email address and I've lived with the same cat the whole time. That's about it.

Tomorrow: The Cat.

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John Breidenthal said...

My sister still spells "weird" incorrectly, but I'm too polite to tell her.